Git My First eBook: Only 8 Pages Long!

Bhavesh Rawat
2 min readApr 12, 2022


I am usually pretty quick and active with tools that’d make my life convenient and me, more productive. But, I am disappointed in myself, I was sleeping on this tool, and ignored it because it seemed cumbersome learning and intimidating. And, I won’t justify it. I was an idiot for doing that.

I’m talking about Git, it is notorious for managing project files and tracking changes made by you and the collaborators among developers, programmers, and designers who code. The biggest advantage Git provides is the ability to duplicate the project also termed as ‘branches’ in Git, and then save the changes to the main file once you’re sure about the edit. I’m glad I’m onboard now as it saves me from regrets and my mind from figuring out the right file among all the files I duplicated.

At first, the ‘distributed version control system’ sentence sent me for couple google searches, I didn’t give up there. I tried to read the documentation, got taken back. And, then the procrastination hit me bad.

Finally, I sat down and took a beginner-friendly Git course and tried to sum up the commands, I learned, in an easy-to-understand eBook. The purpose behind this eBook is to make it easier for myself to recall the command if I ever end up forgetting the word or get myself stuck.

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This also happens to be my first eBook I have ever launched, and you can access it for FREE here or if you’re feeling good and want me to feel so too, well, you can pay whatever you want.

What I’d like from you is your feedback after you get this eBook. That would be best. Be it the commands correction, terms, the name of the eBook, oh, and the cover page (I made it, kinda proud of it!)

Well, that was it. Yeah, I would consider this a self-promotional post too. But, hey, if you will not do it, who will!? Hope you guys get this eBook and most important have fun using it.


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