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Bhavesh Rawat
3 min readSep 7, 2022


So, when I was new to the whole Netflix stuff, I used to get bummed when I couldn’t find the movies in the search list. I used to get to the conclusion that Netflix just doesn’t have that movie or show in its catalog.

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After some time, I figured that it doesn’t necessarily mean that Netflix doesn’t have that movie/show, it’s just that it isn’t available for me because of some content licensing law.

Basically, it’s not feasible for Netflix to license content in every country as every country has its own set of protocols. That’s the reason Netflix Originals are available to watch in every country but not the content from other studios.

But, we can solve that. We’re just a VPN away from other countries’ content. The problem is, or should I say ‘was’, how do I know on which country’s Netflix server that content is living, or is it even available on the Netflix?

Well, I have got a nice website just for that, and that’s uNoGS. This is like a global search engine for Netflix. This website tells what country’s Netflix host the content you’d like to watch. Like, one day, I wanted to watch Harry Met Sally just because I felt like it. Sadly, it wasn’t available on Indian Netflix.

So, I went to the website, uNoGS, and there I found that it’s only available for the United States audience. The website shows you the flags of the countries where that content is available. It comes in pretty handy in these matters and surely should be on your bookmark list.

Now, I just had to connect to the United States server through a VPN and I was up and binging. Personally, I would recommend Surfshark VPN, as it is fast, flexible, they have got amazing customer support, and more importantly affordable. It is literally $2.49/month (₹200) which is used by four family members in my house bringing down the cost to $0.62/person (₹50). I’d say that’s pretty pocket-friendly.

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So, if you were searching for the content and were getting frustrated hopping from one server to another in the hopes of finding the content, you don’t have to, anymore. And, consider SurfShark VPN if you don’t have one, or switch to it, and save some bucks.

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